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Satisfying Your Internal Customers



Sometimes the organization is so focused on improving customer service to their external customers, they lose sight of their internal customers.  Some departments (who don't have external customer contact) don't even believe they have customers, yet they deal with staff from different departments daily.



Identify and respond to internal customer needs
Apply listening, problem-solving and conflict-management skills
Practice five keys to active listening
Execute four steps to solving problems
Describe five ways of dealing with conflict and identify when each

one is appropriate
Explore how providing superior service to internal customers

contributes to improving external customer service


Course overview - Welcome/Introduction/Expectations
Who are your customers?
Step by step to total customer satisfaction
Customer service skills 1:  Listening
Customer service skills 2:  Problem solving
Customer service skills 3:  Conflict management
Practicing the skills
Next steps - Action planning


All employees.  Class size is limited to 24 participants.


Course Length

One full workday, with two 15-minute breaks and 1 hour for lunch.