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with Emphasis in Development of Employee and Management Interpersonal Skills

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The DACUM philosophy states that:


¤  expert workers can describe and define their job more accurately than

    anyone else.

¤  an effective way to define a job is to precisely describe the tasks that

    expert workers  perform.

¤  all tasks, in order to be performed correctly, demand certain knowledge,

    skills, tools, and worker behaviors. 

“DACUM has proven to be a solid foundation upon which organizations can

structure and develop both people and company.  DACUM almost makes

performance development planning, training, and career planning fun!  In any

case, it’s a tool to ensure that a dependable, consistent approach is followed.

I learned much more about our organization through conducting DACUMs

than just job analysis!  The information is invaluable in organizational design and development.”


“This is such a fantastic tool that we decided to go back and re-work the existing training using DACUM.  DACUM is the most cost effective and efficient analysis tool I have ever worked with.  It’s amazing that something so fast and easy can be so powerful.”


“A highly effective means of doing an occupational analysis which will serve as a basis for instructional and curriculum development; and assist business and industry in workforce analysis, job structuring, and organizational development.”


“DACUM has been so effective at our college that the school has decided to train others, so that more programs can be reviewed and up dated.”