Facilitating a Management Transition Meeting




Turnover in managerial or supervisory positions happens frequently.  This transition, when un-managed, may produce the following effects: a short range orientation; role ambiguity; reduction in openness of communication; and a general lack of knowledge about the future of the workgroup or department.  This program addresses a facilitated method of managing supervisory changeover through a “transitional meeting.”




¤  Establish a climate of open communication.

¤  Provide input to the new manager.

¤  Discuss priorities.

¤  Provide the new manager with an opportunity to share personal

    goals and management style with his/her staff.




¤  Meet with new manager before the transition meeting. 

    ¤ ¤  Discuss: Expected outcomes of the transitional meeting.

¤  Distribute agenda and questionnaire to staff.

¤  Facilitate the transitional meeting with the new manager and the


¤  Meet with new manager after the transitional meeting. 

    ¤ ¤  Discuss: Process and content of the transitional meeting to

    ensure maximum benefit received.

¤  Distribute post-meeting assessments to staff.

¤  Compilation of data to be discussed with new manager.




¤  New manager and his/her staff.  If possible, the out-going

    manager’s input is also requested.

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