Developing a Mentoring Program




Many businesses find that a certain level of training is needed for new hires, regardless of their backgrounds.  This may also be the case for employees who have been with their companies for a longer period of time.  A higher level of expertise may be required but these employees may find it difficult to meet these higher expectations.  One solution is the implementation of a mentoring program. This is a working session developed for participants from the same organization who want to design and implement a company-specific mentoring program that is uniquely their own.




¤  Learn how a successful mentoring program works.

¤  Learn the roles and responsibilities of key players in a mentoring


¤  Develop and practice skills that foster an effective mentoring


¤  Develop an individual action plan (IDP) as an action

¤  Plan for the protégée’s growth and potential.




¤  Phase 1

Develop a mentoring program, with criteria to match mentors and



¤  Phase 2

Develop and implement a marketing plan to announce the program and solicit both mentors and protégées.


¤  Phase 3

Introduce paired mentors and protégées to the program model, their roles and responsibilities, and negotiate a mentoring agreement.


¤  Phase 4

Monitor and evaluate progress in 6 month increments.




Employees from different departments of the same organization who have in-depth knowledge of the organization’s goals, and culture.

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