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¤  American Electric Power

¤  AT&T

¤  Blue Cross/Blue Shield

¤  Boeing

¤  Champion International

¤  Disney

¤  Eastman Kodak

¤  Energizer Battery

¤  Ericsson

¤  General Electric

¤  General Motors

¤  Honda

¤  Internal Revenue Service

¤  James River

¤  John Deere                 

¤  Kroger                  

¤  Lucent Technologies

¤  Marzetti                  

¤  MicroCenter             

¤  Monsanto              

¤  Motorola

¤  Nationwide, Inc.         

¤  Navistar (International)

¤  Peregrine

¤  Roadway Express

¤  United Airlines             

¤  UAW  - Ford

¤  Virginia Power

¤  Walt Disney World 

¤  Yellow Freight    

¤  Australia

¤  Canada

¤  Chile

¤  Fiji

¤  Hungary

¤  Indonesia

¤  Jamaica

¤  Korea

¤  Kuwait

¤  Malaysia

¤  Mexico

¤  Netherlands

¤  Sweden

¤  Turkey

¤  Venezuela

“Terrific, clear, concise process.”


“Employers are finally realizing that the best way to structure training is to

ask the people who are doing the actual work.”


“Terrific!  Seems to really get to the ‘nitty-gritty’ of what we do!”


“A very good way to analyze a job and break it down into duties and tasks.

It provides a true picture as to the job responsibility.”


“This process is valuable and very informative.  It bridges the gap between

academia and industry.”


“A good method to develop a training agenda in a short period of time.”


“A great way of getting the profession involved with educational needs.”


“A thorough and necessary process to determine job requirements.”